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Neil Libby's own position was clear. He did not discount the need for just punishment, but he insisted that it should be humane and purposive. He had a passionate dislike of the prison system. He saw it as degrading and dehumanizing, an utterly inefficient agency for reducing criminality. Indeed, he viewed it as a breeding ground for increased criminality.
- author unknown

The mission of SLSC is to promote a humane and informed justice policy and responsible leadership to foster safer communities. It:

i)endorses evidence-based approaches to criminal and social justice;
ii)conducts research and develops policy;
iii)supports its member affiliates; and
iv)advances collaborative relationships and communication among individuals and organizations dedicated to social justice.


SLSC strives to be a leading learning organization, respected by peers and the community at large for researching and promoting "what works" in community corrections and other areas of social justice.


Social Responsibility- We believe in acting ethically and effectively to address the needs of the community and its members as we pursue our mission. We will promote socially responsible conduct throughout the justice system.

Integrity- We believe in acting with consistency, honesty, fairness and respect. We are accountable and our operations will be transparent and evaluated.

Vision- We believe in the power of vision to inspire, encourage learning and creativity in realizing our mission. As leaders, we believe our vision will be a rallying call for others to join our quest for safe communities. We will work closely with our members, volunteers and partners to affect system-wide change.

Commitment- We believe that action must be sustained by determined and enthusiastic dedication in order to achieve postive social change. Long-term commitment and an appreciation of our history are integral to our progress.

Human Worth - We believe in the inherent worth and potential of all individuals.

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