Each year St. Leonard’s Society of Canada presents awards to individuals who, through their dedication or achievement, have enhanced our efforts to give ex-offenders a chance for change and an opportunity to assume productive lives in our society. Following are the special categories of award with which we honour these caring individuals:

The Cody Award

This award is named for the late Bishop John C. Cody of the Roman Catholic Diocese of London, Ontario, whose courageous support and generous donation helped to found St. Leonard’s House-Windsor at a time of intense public opposition. It recognizes individuals outside the Society who have made an outstanding contribution to humanitarian causes, and who have promoted the work of correctional residential centres in the community.

The Luxton Award

Created to honour volunteers or staff of St. Leonard’s who have made significant, long-term contributions to our cause, this award commemorates Bishop George N. Luxton of the Anglican Diocese of Huron (London, Ontario). Bishop Luxton not only supported a major investment by his Parish in downtown Windsor, but offered and financed the services of his associate, Fr. T. Neil Libby for two years, in order to help establish the new concept of halfway houses for ex-prisoners. His signature appears on our original charter.

The Libby Fund Award

The Libby Fund was initiated in memory of Rev. T. Neil Libby by the Dungey family of Vancouver, and has grown through the contributions of Foundations, individuals and Affiliates of the Society. Reflecting Fr. Libby’s dedication to the importance of education in rehabilitation, this award supports the education of ex-offenders, and the social service training, education and knowledge-enhancement of current or prospective Affiliate staff members.

The Gallagher Award

The Gallagher Award is presented to a public servant who as an employee of the Federal, Provincial or Municipal government has given exemplary service in furthering the goals and objectives of St. Leonard’s Society of Canada. The award was established in memory of the late Ray Gallagher, of London, Ontario.

The Braithwaite Award

The Braithwaite Award was created to honour individuals who have devoted their lives to the cause and vision of St. Leonard’s Society of Canada. It acknowledges their outstanding achievements, mentorship and dedication that has both inspired and challenged the Society. This award is named for John Braithwaite who has been a friend of the Society since its earliest days, providing both support and inspiration. 


Year Award Recipient
2018 The Luxton Award Monica Ross
2017 The Cody Award Justice Heather Perkins-McVey
2017 The Braithwaite Award Darrell Rowe
2016 The Braithwaite Award Elizabeth White
2016 The Libby Fund Award Steve Martel
2015 The Gallagher Award Lori MacDonald
2015 The Luxton Award Michel Gagnon
2015 The Luxton Award Susan Haines
2015 The Braithwaite Award Mary Campbell
2014 The Libby Fund Award Sarah Crivea
2013 The Luxton Award Gilles Thibault
2013 The Luxton Award Doug Caldwell
2013 The Libby Fund Award Akil Adu-Bekoe
2013 The Gallagher Award Réjean Tremblay
2013 The Braithwaite Award Joe Mell
2012 The Luxton Award Don Boudreau
2012 The Libby Fund Award Alfred Scott
2012 The Cody Award Louis Gouin
2011 The Luxton Award David Whiteley
2011 The Libby Found Award Devan Kohlmeier
2011 The Gallagher Award Bev Arsenault
2010 The Luxton Award Elizabeth White
2010 The Gallagher Award Vince Henderson
2010 The Braithwaite Award John Sawdon
2010 The Cody Award Michael Crowley
2009 The Luxton Award Richard Brown
2009 The Libby Fund Award Kenneth Dunn
2009 The Gallagher Award Madam Justice Deborah Livingstone
2009 The Cody Award Dr. Alan Leschied
2008 The Luxton Award Peter Aharan
2008 The Luxton Award Jerry Smyth
2008 The Braithwaite Award Barbara Nehiley
2008 The Cody Award Michael Elkins
2008 The Cody Award Peter Wickwine
2007 The Luxton Award Darrell Rowe
2007 The Braithwaite Award Donald G Evans
2007 The Cody Award Johnathon Bancroft-Snell
2006 The Luxton Award John Clinton
2006 The Libby Fund Award Christopher Halls
2005 The Luxton Award Rebecca Howse
2005 The Luxton Award Edward ‘Skip’ Graham
2005 The Braithwaite Award Lou Drouillard
2004 The Luxton Award Joanne Knox
2004 The Cody Award William David Harrow
2003 The Luxton Award Paulah Dauns
2003 The Libby Fund Award James Larocque
2003 The Gallagher Award Pat Banning
2003 The Braithwaite Award Roy & Wilma Dungey
2003 The Cody Award Lucie McClung