Peer Mentoring

Through our longstanding experience with Lifers in the community, we learned that the support network that was developing amongst our residents continued beyond their stay at St. Leonard’s House. The peer mentoring aspect of reintegration into the community is imperative to the success of ex-offenders getting back on their feet once they are released. St. Leonard’s Society recently spearheaded a crowdfunding initiative to raise money for a specific peer mentoring program.

The LifeLine® program lost government funding in 2012. However, a dedicated volunteer, Daryl Clark, continues to run a peer mentoring program to help former offenders reintegrate into society in Edmonton, Alberta. Since the funding was cut to the LifeLine® program, he has done this on a voluntary, unsalaried basis to ensure that valuable meetings take place twice a month. The St. Leonard’s Society of Canada helped raise $855 to aid Daryl in basic expenses to help keep the program going.

To check out this specific initiative regarding Peer Mentoring, you can find out more information here, or donate today


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