SLSC Policies

St. Leonard’s Society of Canada Policies

SLSC is currently in the process of reviewing its policies during the 2018-19 year.

SLSC Policy on Aging and Elderly People in Conflict With the Law 2018

SLSC Policy on Community Based Social Justice 2018

SLSC Policy on Crime Prevention 2018

SLSC Policy on Victims 2017

SLSC Policy on Mandatory Minimums 2017

SLSC Policy on Human Rights and Non-Discrimination 2017

Policy on Role of Government 2015

Policy on Social Enterprise 2015

Policy on Research Ethics 2014

Policy on Electronic Monitoring July 2013

Policy on Peer Mentoring 2013

Policy on Capital Punishment 2013

Policy on Restorative Justice 2005

SLSC Privacy Policy 2004

Policy on Privatization of Corrections 1999