St. Leonard’s Home Trenton

Photo Taken 2015

Photo Taken 2015

Service Delivery

St. Leonard’s Home provides residential and community services to young persons between the ages of 12 to 17 years old Males who are in conflict with the law under the Youth Criminal Justice Act



St. Leonard’s Home of Trenton was established in 1976. The Home was operated as a parent model home until the early 1980’s, serving as a half way home for federal offenders. The home than was switched and was operated under the direction of a Board of Directors, Director and Program Staff. In 1986, the Board of Directors was approached by the Ministry of Correctional Services, Province of Ontario to open a Young Offender Facility for 16 to 18 year old male offenders. The Board of Directors accepted the agreement and began to operate as a Young Offender Home. To date the Home provides the service to the Province housing up to 10 male young persons between the ages of 12 to 17 years who are custody or detention under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Mission Statement:

St. Leonard’s Home of Trenton is concerned with improving the criminal justice system and works to reduce the effects of crime by assisting with the integration of young persons into the community. The home provides a home-like atmosphere that offers support and guidance they seek and require.


The Home is funded 100% by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services of Ontario; the Home is also equipped to accommodate physically challenged youth for the Province of Ontario.

Open Custody/ Detention Services:

Youth custody and detention services supervise youth who have been ordered by the court to service time in custody and youth who have been detained pending further court appearances. 

St. Leonard’s Home provides a safe, secure, healthy and supportive environment. Within this environment, a range of integrated, evidence based programs, on-site satellite school (Sec. 23) and services to help address specific risks and needs of youth, thereby promoting positive outcomes for youth, families and the community. Ultimately, the primary goal is to ensure public safety and promote successful reintegration of youth back into their communities.

Program Goals:

  1. Provide a stable home-like atmosphere as a solid, dependable base to allow the development of a healthy self-concept.
  2. Provide individualized counselling on a 24 hour per day availability. Assistance will focus on problem solving skills.
  3. Utilize the community resources for the benefit of the young persons, especially in the areas of drug and alcohol rehabilitation and other self help agencies.
  4. Assist in employment placement and counselling directly regarding job search, work habits and attitudes towards work ethics.
  5. Provide educational opportunities through on site Section 23 school program, co-op placements and internship programs in partnership with the Board of Education.
  6. Encourage the development of healthy inter-personal relationships and family reconciliations.
  7. Promote the beneficial use of leisure time through positive recreational and social activities.
  8. Provide effective evidenced based programming for youth.
  9. Develop, in conjunction with the youth and family, a responsible release plan that supports pro-social behaviour within the community.

Reintegration Worker Program:

The Reintegration Worker program assists youth with the transition from Open Custody / Detention back into the community. A Reintegration Plan is developed during the Case Management plan meetings while the youth is in care of St. Leonard’s Home or referred from a Case Manager from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. The plan is solely based on supporting youth to ensure they are receiving education, housing, recreation counselling, employment services or any other need of the client. The Reintegration Worker also functions as a mentoring program for the youth and to further assist in building relationships with other community agencies to better service our clients. Community involvement will be organized in such a manner as to promote positive changes in behaviour of the client through structured programming / scheduling.

St. Leonard’s Alternative Education (SLAE) Program:

The St Leonard’s Home Alternative School Program is an initiative supported by Stakeholders from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Hastings and Prince Edward School Board and St Leonard’s Home Trenton.

This alternative education program services young persons who are involved with Youth Justice Services in the local area. The young persons are between the ages of 14 – 17 (high school students) at the time of their offence. The young persons may not be registered in an education program at the time of their referral from their Case Manager. The program is located on site at St. Leonard’s Home in Trenton, ON.

Program objectives are:

  • Provide a viable alternative education program for 2 young persons in the local area who are without an existing Education Program
  • Development of an individualized education plan in
    collaboration with the teacher and the young person
  • Provide support and encouragement to the young
    person allowing them to work at their own pace and achieve success.
  • Provide emotional support to the young persons
  • Eliminate barriers with transportation
  • Provide data for outcome evaluations to measure client success as it relates to credit completion/recovery, graduation, completion of OSSLT, and transitions to regular/alternative schools.


Rosters of qualified staff are employed at St. Leonard’s Home of Trenton which provides 24 hours day supervision. The staffing consists of: Executive Director, 2 Program Supervisors, 3 Prime Workers, 3 Community Based Workers and 6 part time staff members. The Home also has a full time qualified Teacher assigned to the Section 23 classroom that is on site.

Board of Directors:

The Home is governed by a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors who possess various backgrounds and have a sincere interest in the young persons placed in the home. Any inquires to the Board of Directors or St. Leonard’s Home can be mailed to the home address listed below.


Under the direction of management, a variety of programs are established to meet the young person’s needs. They include: Anger Management, Stress Management, Decision Making, Communications, Conflict Resolution, Victim Impact Awareness, Instrumental Peer Aggression, Young Men’s Work, Financial Literacy, Employment Preparation, Cultural Diversity and a wide variety of other ministry approved programs.

Recreational Activities:

Recreational activities are enjoyed both on and off property. We have a membership to the local Y.M.C.A. which the youth use for recreational activities during the school year and staff will take youth during the evening and weekends. The home also involves the youth in canoeing, hockey, bicycling and other activities promoting positive recreational and social activities.

Contact Information:

St. Leonard’s Home 
1970 Hamilton Rd. RR5
Trenton, ON.
K8V 5P8 


Executive Director:
Kelly Nolan