Executive Director: Anita Desai

Year Started at SLSC: 2009

Anita first became involved with St. Leonard’s by working part time at St. Leonard’s Community Services London and Region after completing her B.A. in Criminology in 2005. Her education and work experience helped to solidify a strong passion for social justice issues and community corrections. She became inspired to return to university to pursue a Master’s Degree in Sociology to explore evidence based solutions to social issues such as homelessness and criminal justice.

In 2008, Anita completed her Master’s thesis which focused on homelessness in mid-sized Canadian cities. After many enjoyable years in southwestern Ontario, Anita moved to the National Capital Region and reconnected with St. Leonard’s. In 2009, she became project manager for Community Connections and continued research and policy initiatives at SLSC through to 2016.

In January of 2017, Anita assumed the role of Executive Director following the retirement of long-time SLSC ED Elizabeth White.








Director of Operations: David Whiteley

Year Started at SLSC: 1999

David started at St. Leonard’s on the strength of his writing, editing and communicating skills.  Though without a background in corrections, working for SLSC for over a decade has taught David to appreciate the contributions of NGOs, and the importance of research and evidence-based practices to community corrections.

David leads a double life as a theatre artist, holding a MA in dramatic arts and serving as Co-Artistic Director of Ottawa’s Plosive Productions.  He is pleased and thankful that SLSC has given him the opportunity to balance contributing to community corrections while pursuing a career in the theatre.



Volunteers and Students

SLSC greatly benefits from partnerships with both Carleton University and University of Ottawa through their Student Placement programs. Many students take on the challenges of administrative duties, research, and policy work each semester and help with keeping SLSC on top of our day-to-day operations. SLSC is extremely thankful to the students and volunteers who really make a difference to our organization throughout the year!