My involvement with St. Leonard’s society dates back to 1987 when I first joined St. Leonard’s in London ON, and later became its President and National Board member as well. I believe in a person's ability to change, their need for dignity and hope and the best possible framework, education and support to make that happen. It's not about a bleeding heart, it's about safer communities because of effective and efficient programming that's always looking to raise the bar and improve. That's St. Leonard's Society of Canada and it's affiliates.

Having taken Not For Profit Mgt. at the University of Western Ontario, my participation in NFPs has spanned 40 years and included being the President of the London & District Distress Center, many years with Big Brothers, and both Board and Executive Director roles with two Chambers' of Commerce. I am known for running my own Sales & Marketing company teaching at lease 8,020 people the 80/20 Rule, and being founder of a change the world movement called the Positive Imperative / Positive Music Imperative. Google it!
Michel Gagnon Executive Director, treat  Maison Cross Roads, Montreal QCMisconceptions: Michel Gagnon, ED St. Leonards Montreal Cross Roads


Victor Sinclair, Past Member of the Board of Directors

Misconceptions: Victor Sinclair

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